The mankind has been made superior of all the species send on earth. Due to superior thought process we have been able to do wonders in this universe. Man has conquered earth, explored space, invented air planes to condense the distance in terms of time and soo many other inventions that exist today would not have been possible without motivation to achieve something.

Consider an occasion when you were nervous as you did not have a job and were desperate to get one. Your voice shivered in the interview as you were nervous and you lost control of the occasion. Although you needed the job badly, you lacked motivation hence you lost the battle because your motivation was lessor then the need to get a job.

Getting up early in the morning to make the most of your day is a motivation, getting excellent grades in exams is an outcome of motivation to get good marks, running faster in a race is a motivation to win the race, performing better then rest at work is a motivation to get ahead of others, investing in business is a motivation to earn more.

Although numerous examples of motivation can be listed here but we will persist with those listed above. All the above examples indicate that every successfull activity carried out in this world is the end product of motivation. It is evident that motivation is the key driving force in life. You cannot succeed without motivation. When you do not have an aim you are not motivatated at all. If you have an aim in life then motivation would do wonders for you.

When we come across successful people in life we notice that they are very motivated, confident, full of energy on the other hand those who are not successful in life are neither motivated nor confident and lack energy as they do not have any motive.

So I would recommend that you must start setting goals in your life, you can start with small ones and then build up towards the bigger and higher goals. You will see that after succeeding on small goals your motivation level would be elevated and your motivation would increase along with the urge to succeed.

Best of luck